New powerful additions to the FLC200 LED projector series.

WE-EF FLC200.jpg

The new FLC260 projectors for high-performance applications, round off the WE-EF FLC200 series. With wattages up to 155 W and lumen outputs up to 20720 lm, they offer lighting designers or engineers further scope for the exterior lighting of architecture and public spaces – from showcasing facades from great distances to illuminating monuments or accentuating sculptures. The FLC260 LED projector with a diameter of 385 mm and the smaller FLC240 and FLC230 can be combined effortlessly with one another. This enables planners to meet the demands of all kinds of different lighting tasks with luminaires that have a distinctive and consistent design.


A characteristic design feature shared by the product family is the heat sink on the back. They are fully visible and give the compact luminaires a uniquely technical look. With balanced proportions, precise lines and high-quality materials the FLC200 series offers long-lasting luminaires with extensive lighting options. For example, just like the two smaller luminaires the FLC260 projector has a colour changer (CC) option for dynamic coloured lighting. All in all five different symmetric distributions are available – from wide beam [B] to very narrow beam 'sharp cut-off' [EES]. CAD-optimised optics ensures that the lens arrays deliver tightly controlled light distribution while limiting light spillage to an absolute minimum. The FLC260 is optionally supplied with a 1-10V or DALI interface; on the FLC260-CC a DMX interface is integrated as a standard feature.