See the silence.
Futon by Intra Lighting.


Designed by Intra Lighting

Silent elegance - think about Futon when you’re designing a restaurant, hotel or a common space at the university.

Futon features a hidden light source that illuminates a sound-absorbing acoustic panel from the inner edge, creating a soft glow on the fabric and diffused light in the space.

It’s a lifesaver for all those projects where you want to combine unique ambiental lighting, trendy colours and functionality of acoustics. Alone or in a creative composition, Futon gives its best when improving speech audibility, and creates an appealing ambience thanks to the light source that illuminates the acoustic fabric. Did we mention Futon’s poly-ester fibre panel is made from recycled plastic bottles?

19W, 37W

Luminous Flux
600lm - 1250lm

Colour Temperature
2700K, 3000K, 4000K

Diameter 611mm & 1216mm
Height 27mm
Suspension Height 1500mm & 3000mm

Aluminium profile, powder coated with acoustic central plate

Body Finish
Black, white, anthracite, cream beige, driftwood

Acoustic Panel Finish
Sand, grey, orange, green

Pendant, ceiling surface or recessed, wall


Lead Time
Approximately 4 - 6 weeks.

7 Years

Futon is made in Slovenia.