All Visible

A global brand for contemporary architectural indoor lighting, Intra Lighting is recognised for offering designers luminaries with clean lines, customisable finishes and sustainable performance. More information →




Professional Architectural Lighting

Specification grade architectural and technical downlights to service the needs of lighting professionals worldwide. With the introduction of the ProSpex line-up, the company has been catapulted to the forefront of lighting specifications from lighting designers, architects and interior designers around the world as the first choice partner for a number of prestigious projects, internationally. More information →






Substrate Free
Backlighting Systems

Specialising in surface lighting, TLS are leaders in providing patented solutions for backlit, stretch ceiling and custom LED lighting applications regardless of shape. The product line is powered by tensioners which allows for an easy fit onto any surface with no sagging, hotspots or additional wires - backlit and surface lighting for commercial applications made easy.
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